5 Common Bite Problems That Orthodontics Can Help!

Have you found yourself wondering, “Do I need braces?” or “Am I a candidate for Invisalign?” Perhaps you have been more self-conscious of your smile’s appearance lately. Misaligned teeth can cause not just a lack of confidence but more severe issues over time, such as speech problems, issues chewing, and worn-down teeth. Crooked teeth can also result in cavities or gum disease, as misaligned teeth make it more difficult to properly brush and floss.

Fortunately, orthodontics can help correct these issues and make it easier to smile, chew, speak, and care for your teeth. Look below to learn more about some of the most common bite problems and see how an orthodontist can help solve them.

Common Bite Issues

While you may just see your teeth as “crooked,” there are terms that can help better define the spacing or alignment issue you’re experiencing. Here are five of the most common ones:

  1. Crossbite – when the lower teeth are outside of the upper teeth.
  2. Underbite – when the lower jaw is in front of the upper jaw.
  3. Overbite – when the top front teeth sit beyond the bottom front teeth.
  4. Open Bite – when the front teeth don’t overlap at all, but the back teeth meet.
  5. Deep Bite – when the upper teeth cover the bottom teeth (but the bite is closed).

While these are the main types of bite problems that we see, we also tend to see issues like protruding front teeth, spacing issues, overcrowding, and other misalignments that can be corrected by orthodontia.

No matter the bite problem you’re experiencing, we can come up with an orthodontic treatment plan to address the issue and give you your perfect smile. Our treatments work by envisioning your ideal smile and then using traditional braces or Invisalign to slowly move your teeth into alignment (usually over the course of months, often in a year or less).

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