Retainers 101

How to Protect Your Smile Forever

Once you’ve achieved the smile of your dreams, you’ll want to make sure you can keep it! Brushing and flossing have always been on your daily to-do list, but after finishing your orthodontic treatment, you’ll have something to add to that list: wearing your retainer. Essential for keeping your teeth in the same position, your retainer will be customized to fit your mouth perfectly. Learn more about your options and how Adirondack Orthodontics makes smile protection easy below.

Essix Retainer

Clear and plastic, the Essix retainer resembles Invisalign and is the most common type of retainer. Typically more comfortable than other retainers, the Essix retainer lasts roughly 18 months and should be worn at night. After you finish your orthodontic treatment, we will take a scan of your teeth, and your new retainer will be ready within a few days. This is the type of retainer that we give you at the end of your orthodontic treatment and with the Smile Protection Program.

Hawley Retainer

The Hawley retainer is a classic metal retainer with a colorful bite plate. Less common than the Essix retainer, this type of retainer is issued specifically by doctor recommendation or patient choice. As with the Essix retainer, we will take a scan of your teeth after you finish treatment, and your retainer will be ready within a few days.

Lingual Retainer

A lingual retainer is a thin piece of wire which is glued to the back of the teeth to preserve alignment during the day. Often suggested for patients with crowding or spacing issues, this type of retainer should be combined with the Essix retainer at night and is the best guarantee for long-term retention. These require maintenance or replacement every three to five years.

Smile Protection Program 

Make sure you protect your investment in your smile with a retainer. Since retainers typically require replacement after 18 months, your team at Adirondack Orthodontics has a solution to help you maintain your smile: our Smile Protection Program. There are several options you can choose from to get the smile protection that works for you:

Smile Protection Plan Enrollment: $600*

After you enroll, replacement retainers will cost $35/arch and can be shipped to your home! Enhance and protect your smile with our Smile Protection Program plus a bleaching kit for $650. 

Second Set of Retainers: $200*

(Your first set is included in the treatment fee.)

Bleaching Kit: $100*

Your bleaching kit can be used with retainers. 

Sit Back & Enjoy Your New Smile

Keep the smile that you achieved with help from Adirondack Orthodontics! Whether you need our help replacing a broken retainer or you want to take part in our Smile Protection Program, we will help you protect your investment. Call us today to learn more.

*Terms: As long as patients wear their retainers as prescribed, replacements can just be shipped directly to the patient’s home, no office visit needed. If a patient has not worn retainers properly, requiring a rescan, a $100 rescan fee will be charged. Retainer lifetime: Approximately 18 months.

Invisalign: a Graduation Gift That Keeps On Giving

See a Change in Your Smile in Less Than 6 Weeks!

As graduation season draws near, students have plenty of things on their minds, from summer plans to higher education to entering the job market. Spring will involve lots of preparation for the future, both short and long term. When it comes to planning for success, nothing is better than investing in the health of your teeth and gums.

You deserve to celebrate all you have accomplished and to do so with a smile. Graduation involves special events and photos to mark the occasion. If your smile isn’t all you want it to be, Adirondack Orthodontics can help you prepare for this momentous occasion, helping you to change your smile in less than six weeks!

Carefully Planned, Expertly Executed

Invisalign is an orthodontic solution that can provide quicker results than typical solutions like braces, with treatment taking an average of six to eighteen months to complete. In many cases, minor results can be seen in less than six weeks. And, while faster than traditional braces, Invisalign is a process that’s anything but rushed. Plus, treatment can begin the same day as your consultation! Your treatment will be monitored by your orthodontist to assist you in achieving the smile you have always wanted.

A More Discreet Option

Invisalign aligns the teeth using clear aligners that can be removed as needed. All you need to remember is that your aligner should be worn at least 22 hours a day. While this rule is normally only relevant to times when you’re eating, it could come in handy when it’s time to attend your graduation, take pictures, or go for job interviews. And since the aligners are clear, you’ll be able to look back on your graduation photos and see your beautiful smile – which is a memory you’ll hold on to forever.

Conveniently Located & Flexible

If you would like to learn more about all the progress you can make in your orthodontic treatment leading up to graduation, get in touch with Adirondack Orthodontics today to set up a FREE consultation and 3D Scan! We have multiple locations throughout the Capital Region, so you can schedule appointments at your convenience during this busy season. We look forward to giving you a smile that you’ll be proud to show off during graduation season and far into the future!

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