Find information regarding braces and Invisalign home care, handling orthodontic emergencies, and more.

Whether you are looking to perfect your pearly whites before graduation day or you want to get your teeth picture-ready for your wedding, Adirondack Orthodontics has dental solutions for you. Whatever stage of life you are in and whatever concerns you have, our team is ready to help you achieve your smile goals! Located in the Capital Region, our team takes the time to address your dental concerns using the latest and most trusted techniques.

At Adirondack Orthodontics, we are always seeking ways to help educate our patients and connect them with the resources they need to achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. We encourage you to read through our resource pages to find out how to care for your Invisalign aligners or braces and to learn what’s new at Adirondack Orthodontics. We even help connect you with ways to refer your friends to us or start a career with our team.

Learn more about the resources we have available below!

Tips & Resources to Make You Smile

  • Blog Get timely information about your dental health by following our blog.
  • Referral Program Sharing your smile with your friends comes with amazing rewards.
  • ReviewsSee how other patients enjoyed their treatments with our Capital Region orthodontists.
  • Home Care Instructions – Learn how you should keep your teeth, braces, or clear aligners clean and cared for at home, so your treatment can proceed without delays.
  • Common Orthodontic Emergencies: Do you have a loose wire? Are your braces causing you discomfort? Learn what you can do to combat these problems at home and when to call our office.
  • Orthodontic Myths – Learn the truth about orthodontics and bust common braces/Invisalign myths in our blog.
  • Careers Want to work with some of the best orthodontists in the Capital Region? See what job openings we have available.

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