Spring into Better Smile Maintenance!

The first day of spring is March 20th, so now is the perfect time to envision your future ideal smile or maintain the one you’ve already achieved. And if you haven’t yet started your orthodontic journey, there’s no time like the present – just get in touch with our orthodontists in Schenectady and the rest of the Capital Region today! 

Here are a few ways to improve your smile maintenance this spring!

Tax Season Is Around the Corner 

If you’re receiving a tax refund this year, Adirondack Orthodontics can help you invest that money in your health and happiness with orthodontic treatment. Our Schenectady orthodontist office (as well as our other five Capital Region locations) is here to help you put together an affordable braces payment plan that works with your budget, and we offer discounts and financing options to make it even easier to afford the services you need.

Call your nearest location or text us at 518-855-9007 to get started.

The Essentials of Smile Maintenance

Brushing and flossing your teeth should already be on your daily dental hygiene to-do list. If you’ve already completed your orthodontic treatment, the next step is keeping that straight, healthy smile for the rest of your life. Retainers are vital to protecting your smile, as a retainer is custom-made to fit your teeth and will keep them in place. Your first set of retainers will last 18 months and is included in the treatment fee. After that, our Smile Protection Program can provide you with all the replacement retainers you need to keep your smile straight and healthy.

Contact us today to enroll in our program!

Help Us Win Best Orthodontist

We are proud to have won Best Orthodontist in Times Union’s Best of the Capital Region contest three years in a row! Help us win this year by voting for us through March 3rd:

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We hope that the team at Adirondack Orthodontics has given you a reason to smile this spring and beyond! 

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Am I a Candidate?

Braces vs. Invisalign

Are there some parts of your smile that you are less than satisfied with? Have you been on the hunt for an orthodontist in Albany who can help? Chances are you already know that an orthodontist can correct overbites, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, underbites, tooth gaps, and other dental issues you may be experiencing. You may even already know the main two methods of doing so: braces and Invisalign. What you may not know is if you’re a better candidate for Invisalign or braces. 

The most common question we hear from new patients at our orthodontic office in Albany is: “What treatment is right for me?” Read on to better understand the answer to this question.

Good Candidates for Invisalign

  • You want a discreet option. If you need to treat your dental issues without the whole world watching, Invisalign’s series of clear aligners may be the answer.
  • You don’t want to be limited in what you eat. Invisalign aligners can be removed at will, while braces stay on for the duration of treatment. If you want to enjoy sticky, chewy, or hard food during treatment, you might want to try Invisalign.
  • You don’t want to deal with brackets and wires. While braces are comfortable enough for some, others might find the brackets and wires unpleasant and prefer the ease of Invisalign.

Good Candidates for Braces

  • You’re not sure you’ll remember to wear the aligners. You’ll need to wear your aligners at least 22 hours a day to have the desired effect. If you think you’ll forget to wear them, braces may work better for you. 
  • You’re a smoker. One key benefit of Invisalign is that the aligners are clear. However, smoking can stain your aligners. Braces would be the better choice in this case.
  • You have a more severe dental problem. Patients who have a severe overbite or underbite typically need braces. These bite conditions can be signs of more serious concerns that require a targeted treatment plan.

The best way to determine the right orthodontic treatment for you is to schedule a consultation with the best orthodontist in Albany: Adirondack Orthodontics! We can examine your teeth, take any necessary X-rays, and get to know your goals and budget. Then, we can suggest the best course of treatment to give you your ideal smile! 

Whether you are looking for Invisalign or braces in Albany, or you are located in the surrounding areas, we have an orthodontic office near you. With six convenient locations in the Capital Region, we may be closer than you think, so call or text us today to schedule your appointment!

Life, Love, and Your Ideal Smile

Valentine’s Day may be a time to celebrate your relationship with that special someone, or you may decide to spend this time focusing on self-love. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate the holiday and this time of the year, you deserve to smile confidently.

Your ideal smile is the perfect way to show yourself some love and make sure you’re ready for all of life’s little moments. If your smile isn’t all that you want it to be, our team at Adirondack Orthodontics is here to help you start your journey to achieving it.

What’s Standing Between You & Your Ideal Smile?

The first step in this journey involves helping our patients focus on their health and wellness. Fortunately, correcting dental problems can go a long way toward improving your self-confidence. Orthodontic treatment can solve many common issues, including overbites, underbites, crossbites, and gapped or crooked teeth. If these issues make you hesitate to show your smile, we can help solve them and work toward ideal results.

To start your journey to the smile of your dreams, schedule a consultation so that we can assess your current smile and determine which treatment is best for you.

How to Smile During Life’s Special Moments

Once we find the right orthodontic treatment for you, we can give you our suggestions and make sure your final choice fits your lifestyle, goals, and budget. You may be surprised to find out that many of our patients are candidates for Invisalign, the most popular alternative to traditional braces! Regardless of which treatment you choose to move forward with, we’ll make sure you can achieve your ideal smile to see you through engagements, weddings, birthdays, family photos, and all of life’s other momentous occasions. After all, we want you to be ready and eager to share your new smile with Instagram, TikTok, and the world! 

Get Started on Your Treatment

Ensure you have your ideal smile for all of life’s little (and big) moments by calling or texting Adirondack Orthodontics for a consultation. Throughout the years, we have helped patients gain the smiles they deserve. 

In fact, we have been voted Times Unions’ Best Orthodontist three years in a row by our loyal patients, and we’re hoping to win again this year! Be sure to VOTE NOW for Adirondack Orthodontics as the Best Orthodontist in the Capital Region! Contact us today and find out why.

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