Top 5 Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment for Kids

Discover why early intervention can set your child up for a lifetime of healthy smiles

While many of our patients achieve their perfect smiles as teens or adults, we have a treatment that’s just as helpful: early orthodontic treatment for kids. Children can be brought in as early as seven years old, when most kids still have a combination of baby and permanent teeth and problems can start to develop.  Our team will evaluate the health of their teeth and gums to see if they need treatment now.

Early intervention can address issues before they become severe, setting your child up for success and giving them a healthy smile for life. Take a look at the top three reasons to bring your child in for an evaluation and early treatment!

1. Identify Problems Early On

One of the primary advantages of early orthodontic treatment is the ability to intercept dental issues before they get worse. Overbites, underbites, crossbites, crowding, and protrusion are just a few common issues that can start to develop in young children. A comprehensive evaluation can help us identify these issues and address them by guiding the growth of the jaw and teeth into more favorable positions.

2. Reducing the Need for Extensive Treatment

Early intervention can often eliminate the need for more invasive and extensive orthodontic treatment later in life. By addressing issues during childhood, orthodontists can utilize a child’s growth and development to achieve optimal results with less intervention. This may ultimately reduce the need for braces or other orthodontic appliances in the future.

3. Improving Oral Health

Correcting dental misalignments early can significantly improve oral health outcomes for children. Crooked or crowded teeth can be challenging to clean properly, increasing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems. By aligning the teeth properly, early orthodontic treatment makes it easier for children to maintain good oral hygiene habits and reduces the risk of dental issues down the road.

4. Boosting Self-Esteem

Children can be particularly sensitive about their appearance, especially during their formative years. Correcting orthodontic issues early can prevent self-esteem issues associated with crooked or misaligned teeth. By improving the alignment of their teeth and smile, early orthodontic treatment can boost children’s confidence and help them feel more comfortable and self-assured in social settings.

5. Facilitating Proper Speech Development

Dental misalignments or jaw irregularities can sometimes affect speech development in children. Early orthodontic intervention can help address these issues, allowing children to speak more clearly and confidently. By aligning the teeth and jaw properly, orthodontists can promote optimal speech development and communication skills in children.

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