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Invisalign For Kids

Why Invisalign is a Great Option for Kids

If your child needs early treatment, chances are, he or she will be using some kind of removable appliance. Your primary worries – that your child will lose his or her aligners, or that he or she won’t wear them as instructed – will be the same no matter what removable appliance you choose.

Like many other removable appliances, Invisalign can be used to address specific problems and ensure that your child’s permanent teeth erupt properly. It’s just one option among many.

But Invisalign has some specific advantages. First, they are clear and comfortable, easy for even very young children to use. They are also very easy to replace if they get lost, which, realistically, does happen. We usually won’t have to rescan or take a mold of your child’s teeth.

With all of these advantages, it’s no wonder that kids and parents love Invisalign for kids!

See if Invisalign is the right option for your child by scheduling a free consultation with us, and we will start their treatment the same day!

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