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Financial Information

Outstanding Treatment That’s Affordable

At Adirondack Orthodontics, we are dedicated to making beautiful smiles as affordable as we can.

Most importantly, we participate with – not just accept – most major insurance providers. This means we have negotiated and established fees with the insurance companies in advance, and agreed to accept those fees. As a result, your out-of-pocket costs are greatly reduced – depending on the plan, you may not have any – so your treatment is more affordable.

In addition, we take on the full responsibility of dealing with the insurance company, including collecting payment, throughout your treatment. For you, that means no paperwork, no claims to file, no phone calls to make; we do it all, so you can concentrate on achieving the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

Click here for a list of providers we participate with. To learn how this benefits you, click here.

Even if you don’t have dental insurance or if your insurance won’t cover the full cost of treatment, don’t worry. We offer a variety of flexible payment options to help make treatment affordable for everyone.

Payment Plans

  • Customized in-house 0% interest payment plans
  • Low down payment options
  • Payment plans spread over the duration of treatment
  • Payment plans extended past the duration of treatment
  • Third-party financing for even greater flexibility

Discounts Available*

  • Paid-in-full discounts
  • Teacher discounts
  • First responder discounts: police, military personnel, firefighters, EMS
  • Family discounts: If more than one person in your family needs treatment, we can provide treatment for the whole family at a discounted price. The discounts we offer vary based on the type of treatment required. Please be sure to tell us about any family members who need an evaluation.

We do our best for every patient and every situation. To learn more about your options and just how affordable braces can be, schedule your complimentary consultation today. And we’ll get your treatment started the same day!

*Please note that terms and conditions apply for all discounts. Our staff can explain these terms as they apply to you during your initial appointment.

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