What Is An Overbite?

When a person’s upper teeth protrude over their lower teeth by a significant amount, this is referred to as an overbite. In many cases, lower teeth bite into the roof of the mouth and push out the upper teeth, resulting in excessive overjet, or the distance between the upper and lower teeth. Overbites and overjets can be caused by genetics, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), missing teeth, and bad dental habits such as teeth grinding.

Why Should I Fix An Overbite?

Deep bites cause traumatic occlusion, improper jaw function, and in many cases excessive tooth wear can lead to complex dental treatment in the future. Overbites can result in jaw pain and headaches, cavities and periodontal issues such as gum disease. Left untreated, these issues will only get worse.

What Is The Best Way To Treat An Overbite?

Overbites and overjets are best treated with an orthodontic treatment plan with braces and aligners 

under the guidance of a certified orthodontist. Every case is different and our team can make sure your treatment suits your individual case. Before your overbite worsens or causes more problems, make sure you receive the care and attention you need from the Capital Region’s most trusted orthodontist: Adirondack Orthodontics. 

The team at Adirondack Orthodontics welcomes the chance to provide you with affordable, customized orthodontic treatment. We serve patients of all ages in need of orthodontic solutions, from early treatment to Invisalign to surgical orthodontics. 

Schedule an appointment at your nearest Adirondack Orthodontics location and let us take care of your overbite. From financing options to regular discounts, we do our best to make sure you have access to budget-friendly services tailored to meet your needs and make you smile.

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