Gaps Between Teeth

What Causes Gaps Between Teeth?

Diastema, or a gap between teeth, may show up as teeth are still forming and end up resolving itself. However, a gap may end up sticking around permanently, and many people wish to get rid of it. Habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting may be responsible, or simple genetics might play a role. 

Are Gaps Between Teeth Bad?

A patient may want to get rid of the gap between their teeth for aesthetic reasons, which is often the case since gaps don’t always need to be corrected. Should you want this issue fixed, braces or Invisalign could be the answer. However, if the gap isn’t harming the rest of your teeth and you don’t mind the look, you might not want to take the step of going through orthodontic treatment. 

What Is The Best Way To Treat Gaps Between Teeth?

The best way to determine if the gap between your teeth needs to be closed is to turn to the experts at Adirondack Orthodontics. We can provide an exam, X-rays, and an assessment to help you make an informed decision about your oral care. Call our office today to schedule an appointment. We have several locations throughout the Capital Region and would be happy to give you a smile you love.

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