Giving Grads the Gift of Confidence

As your child approaches their high school or college graduation, you want to set them up for success in whatever the future may hold. While preparing for college or seeking job opportunities may be at the top of their to-do list, one thing may have escaped your notice: confidence. As your graduate enters the next stage in their life, they should approach any new venture with as much self-confidence as possible. The appearance of their teeth can have a big impact on that.

A Boost to Self-Confidence

At Adirondack Orthodontics, we know just how vital a straight, healthy smile is to self-confidence. A person’s smile is one of the first things people notice about them. As your graduate meets employers, professors, peers, and friends in adulthood, they should be able to greet these new people in their life with the confidence that comes from having the perfect smile. 

Results in One Year or Less

Many new patients come to us with concerns about how their orthodontia will look or how long the process will take. If you want a more discreet option, Invisalign may be the answer, as the aligners used to straighten the teeth are completely clear and hard for a casual observer to notice. And one of the best reasons to make an appointment immediately is that in many cases, we can help your graduate achieve their best smile in one year or less!

Flexible Payment Options

Parents who have a child graduating have a lot on their financial plates. Maybe you’re helping your graduate pay for college or move into a new apartment. Whatever the case, we understand that you likely have a specific budget in mind. Fortunately, we offer flexible payment plans and participate with most insurances.

If anything is keeping your child from the self-confidence they deserve, don’t hesitate to ask us how we can help! Adirondack Orthodontics is your resource for affordable braces near you. If you have additional questions about the cost of Invisalign or other orthodontic treatment options, schedule a free consultation by texting or calling one of our Capital Region orthodontist offices today! 

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As your student approaches graduation, put their oral health on top of your priority list. We can help shape their smile and give them confidence as they start their next chapter. With six locations across the Capital Region, we are the best orthodontist in Schenectady, Latham, East Greenbush, Glens Falls, Clifton Park, and Albany. Call or text us today to schedule a free consultation.

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