What is Invisalign?

Many people are under the impression that since everyone offers Invisalign treatment, it does not matter whom they choose as their treating doctor. This is not only wrong, but also a big misconception. Invisalign is simply an orthodontic laboratory that is in the business of printing clear aligners. It is the provider’s responsibility to discuss the patient’s chief concerns with him or her, conduct all the examinations, review treatment options, and finally design a treatment plan to fit his or her individual lifestyle and needs. Once a treatment plan is designed and the scan of the patient’s teeth is submitted to Invisalign, the doctor employs his or her orthodontic knowledge and skills to design specific tooth movement. Once the doctor goes through several iterations of designing and adjusting the planned tooth movements, the plan is approved and Invisalign prints a sequence of trays.

While the Invisalign software is amazing, it’s just that: software. Software does not know biology or the physiology of tooth movement. It is the doctor’s experience that is critical here.


The Treatment Sequence

Visit 1

Complimentary consultation where the patient discusses his or her motivation for seeking orthodontic treatment

Doctor obtains the necessary records (photos/X-rays) and conducts a thorough clinical examination

Doctor reviews treatment options with patient to address the chief concern

If it is possible to address the problem, a scan and/or molds are taken of the teeth and submitted to Invisalign

Treatment cost, insurance benefits, FSA, and payment plans will also be discussed at the first visit.

Visit 2

Review of the Invisalign ClinCheck

The project treatment plan and outcome will be discussed thoroughly with the patient

The patient will be able to view what his or her teeth will look like at the end of treatment

The happy patient gives the doctor a high five and the plan gets approved

Visit 3

The patient gets the trays
Invisalign wear and care instructions are reviewed with the patient
Patient gives the doctor a high-five because he or she is so excited to get started

Remaining visits

The patient will be seen in 8-12 week appointment intervals to monitor and review treatment progress

Mid-course or end-of-treatment corrections will be done as needed, as they are a part of treatment. No treatment ends until YOU are happy!


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