Clear Transparent Plastic Retainers (Removable)

Be sure to remove these retainers from the sides, not the front. They can be cleaned using a mild soap, not toothpaste or mouthwash. You can also clean the retainer by soaking it in a mix of water and Listerine (half and half) for 1 hour. Denture tables can also be used to clean them, but use only cold water. Do not bend or squeeze your retainer, to prevent cracking or breaking. The retainer can be worn 24/7 for the first week, but do remove them while eating, consuming sugary drinks, brushing your teeth, or playing contact sports. After the first week, it can be worn only at night for two years. Following two years, it can be worn every other night.

Plastic and Metal Wire Retainers (Removable)

Remove this type of retainer from the sides, not the front. They can be cleaned using mild soap or soaked with denture tables or a mix of half water and half Listerine. Use only cold water to clean and soak. This type of retainer is typically worn 24/7 for 3-6 months, but should be removed to eat, brush, play contact sports, or consume sugary drinks. Following 6 months of full-time wear, this retainer can be worn every other night for as long as possible.

Fixed Retainers (Glued, Wire)

This type of retainer is used for long-term treatment, as they are semi-permanent. They stay in place at all times and should only be removed by Adirondack Orthodontics or another experienced provider. While they do not harm your teeth, the area around them must be kept as clean as possible. You should schedule your appointments every 6-12 months with us for cleanings and checkups. However, if you feel as if any of the glue has come off, please see us ASAP.

Retainer Insurance

Even retainers that are meant to be semi-permanent will need repairing and replacing every now and then. Even if it’s been years since you’ve worn your retainer, and even if you did not get your retainer from Adirondack Orthodontics, we will replace your retainer at no extra charge if it has been lost or broken. Please call us for more details!


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