Orthodontics for Teens

Creating the Smile Your Teen Will Have for Life

During the teenage years, your child is starting to settle into who they really are. Favorite hobbies, good and bad habits, even their appearance – while your teen will surely change his or her mind a dozen times in the next few years, you can see the big picture starting to take shape.

The same goes for your teen’s teeth and smile. His or her permanent teeth have likely all come in, so they are ready for full treatment. It’s time to create the smile your teen will enjoy for a lifetime!

Focusing on Your Teen’s Goals

When it comes to teeth, we find that most teens (and their parents and guardians) have the same goals: a beautiful smile that’s stable and provides optimal function. Teens want to be able to smile fully in yearbook pictures and, of course, selfies! Once your teen goes through orthodontic treatment, they want to keep that smile forever.

Which treatment option is right will depend on your teen’s lifestyle, personality, and goals, not to mention your budget. Medical necessity rarely dictates the best choice of treatment. In fact, most of the time, the duration of treatment will be the same no matter which option you choose.

Available treatment options include:

If you and your teen are ready to get to work on creating a smile that will last a lifetime, schedule a complimentary consultation with us today.

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