Life With Braces

Having braces shouldn’t change your day to day life significantly, no matter how daunting they may seem. There are, of course, changes you can make to your diet and routine that will make having braces easier and while they are recommended, the list is not extensive. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, you should always reach out to your Orthodontist directly.

As you can imagine, following the application of your appliances there are some foods that are best to avoid until your braces are removed. By avoiding hard or sticky foods (such as toffees, caramels, hard candies and even nail biting) you are actively preventing breaking and brackets or wires on your appliance.

While a broken bracket or wire may seem insignificant, the broken wire or bracket can be uncomfortable, have an impact on how long the treatment takes and impact the effectiveness the procedure. Broken brackets – and more specifically, broken wires – can cause damage and scraping to the inside of your mouth and gums. If you do break a bracket or snap a wire it is always best to contact your Orthodontist immediately to schedule a visit and have it repaired.

Teeth brushing becomes even more critical after braces are applied because it is easier for food particles to stick in your teeth and gums. It is recommended that you brush a minimum of 3 times a day – after breakfast, after lunch (or work/school) and after dinner – because food stuck in your braces is not only unpleasant and uncomfortable, having food sitting on your teeth and gums for extended periods of time can lead to more serious issues down the road. It is important that when flossing, you floss around your brackets and in between the wires to ensure all food particles are removed, leaving your mouth clean and healthy even after your braces are removed. While flossing may seem tricky with braces, utilities such as floss threaders make it easy to get through the wire and up to your gums.

In some cases a child will start to lose teeth early, have an atypical eruption pattern or require teeth extractions. When this happens, space needs to be maintained so that the adult teeth have the space they need to grow properly. If the space is lost, the child can spend a more extended period of time in braces. In short, by conducting a simple treatment at an early age, a simple treatment is required later.

Worried about playing sports and keeping up with any physical activity you’re involved in? Don’t Worry – you can still play all sports with braces, however we do recommend that a mouth guard be worn during play to avoid any damage to the appliances or teeth caused by rough game play.


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