Invisalign for Teens

Why Invisalign is a Great Option for Teens

Many providers refuse to prescribe Invisalign for teens on the grounds that teens won’t comply with the treatment protocol. At Adirondack Orthodontics, we know there are plenty of mature, responsible teenagers that can follow the Invisalign treatment protocol just fine. Our treatment is patient-directed, so if you and your teen believe they can handle Invisalign, your teen can have Invisalign.

Benefits of Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign offers many benefits for teens, including:

  • Flexibility. Clear aligners allow your teen to play sports and musical instruments without interruption or inconvenience.
  • Confidence. Without a mouth full of metal, your teen will feel more confident in his or her smile and personal appearance.
  • Eat What They Want. Have a picky eater? Or one who can’t seem to eat enough? Your teen will have complete freedom when it comes to food. Their friends with braces often have to go months or years without chewing a stick of gum or enjoying popcorn at the movies. Not your teen! All they have to do is remove the aligners when eating.
  • Hygiene. Since your teen removes the aligners while eating, they also have an opportunity to make sure they brush and floss. Invisalign allows your teen to maintain healthier teeth to go along with a straighter smile.

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