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FAQ – Treatment Options

Your Questions, Answered

Will early orthodontic treatment eliminate the need for braces later?

Not necessarily. It is important to understand that early treatment/interceptive treatment is usually aimed at the elimination of certain types of problems that are already there, creating a good environment for proper tooth eruption and jaw development. The goal is not to give your child straight teeth. In the majority of cases, future comprehensive orthodontic treatment is indicated in order to achieve optimal function, stability, and aesthetics. What early orthodontic treatment does do is make this future treatment simpler and easier.

What are the benefits of choosing a participating provider?

For you, the chief benefits are cost and convenience. Generally, the total fee is less because the insurance company has negotiated fees with their participating providers on your behalf. We also handle the insurance paperwork, which a provider who merely accepts your benefits often will not do. A provider that accepts your benefits will quote you their own orthodontic treatment fee and, in most cases, have you file the claims directly with the insurance company. Not only do we file the claims, but we also deal with any issues that may come up, which can be a complex process that is extremely frustrating to the patient. Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with, and it is important to work with someone who knows the ins and outs of helping you maximize your benefits. Our insurance specialists will verify all of your insurance benefits, file all the claims, address any insurance issues, and in the case of dual insurance coverage, work with BOTH insurance companies to help coordinate your benefits and ensure that you get as much covered as possible.

What happens if you do not participate with my insurance plan?

We will still file claims and deal with the insurance agency. You are still entitled to all the same benefits you would be under a participating provider.

What happens if I have no insurance?

We can still work with you! We will present you with several interest-free payment options tailored to your budget. Click here to learn about our discounts and flexible payment plans available. We have no doubt that we will be able to work with you to arrive at a plan that works for your needs and your budget.

Can we use our HSA/FSA?

Yes, you can! Keep in mind, however, that with some exceptions, the money set aside must be used by the end of each calendar year, or else it is lost. For this reason, determining the timing of orthodontic treatment plays a large role in determining just how much money to put in your HSA/FSA. That’s why it’s so important to see an orthodontist early to treat potential problems. Even if treatment isn’t needed yet, it is important to monitor the growth and development of teeth. By having a routine observation schedule, we can anticipate any treatment which may be needed and advise parents as to when money should be put aside in their FSA accounts.

Am I an Invisalign candidate?

For a majority of patients, the simple answer is yes! Click here to learn more.

Does Invisalign treatment take longer?

Not at all! In fact, in most cases Invisalign treatments take a shorter period of time than traditional metal braces. If you choose Invisalign, we will take your Invisalign scan during the initial consultation, and you should receive your trays in 2-3 weeks.

Once I’m done with Invisalign treatment, will someone be able to tell whether I had traditional braces or Invisalign?

No, the treatment outcome should be identical.

What happens if I’m having an orthodontic emergency?

Call us, and we’ll fit you into our schedule ASAP. Click here to learn what you should do in the meantime.

What about the portion of treatment that is not covered by the insurance company?

First and foremost, we offer customized, interest-free payments, broken up over the duration of your treatment. It’s easy, predictable, and hassle-free. We also offer third-party financing such as CareCredit.

How long will it take after the initial consultation to start my treatment?

In the majority of cases, we can start treatment on the same day as your initial visit. We can put on your metal or clear braces, or we can take your Invisalign scans. If you opt for Invisalign, you should receive your trays in 2-3 weeks.