Back to School Smiles

Fall is the perfect time to think about making changes that will last far beyond the next school year. When tailored to the age and needs of the patient, orthodontic treatment can identify early indications of tooth spacing and alignment issues and create a plan for intervention. If the issue has gone past the point of early intervention, a trusted orthodontist can plan for braces or Invisalign.

Most children begin losing their baby teeth at age 6 and gain a full set of adult teeth by the age of 13. Bad habits formed during these years can cause expensive consequences in the years to follow, but they can be eliminated during this time, too. Tongue thrusting and thumb-sucking alter the teeth and resulting bite, so stopping these habits early on is important for long term dental health.

Scheduling an appointment with an experienced orthodontist will also allow you to track and address warning signs before they worsen. Uneven or crowded teeth are early indications that your child may need orthodontic solutions at some point.

Once your child’s permanent teeth have come in, issues like overcrowding, spaces between teeth, and difficulty chewing may start to develop. While your teenage son or daughter might not care about their dental health, they’re likely to want a straight smile for yearbook pictures and photos with friends throughout the year. Ultimately, your goals will align with theirs in the need for orthodontic treatment. Teens who don’t like the idea of metal braces may find options like clear braces and Invisalign more appealing.

When your child or teen goes back to school this fall, make sure you have a plan for their oral health. This is when they’re forming the habits that will follow them throughout their lives, and early intervention can result in a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles. Call Adirondack Orthodontics to schedule an appointment so we can assess their teeth and learn more about their habits; we can create a plan for a stunning smile that parents and their kids will love!

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