A Beautiful and Healthy Smile is Not a DIY Project

Renovate your own bathroom? Sure, you can do that. Change your car’s oil? Of course. Do your own home landscaping? Sounds good.

But you wouldn’t think of trying to diagnose your own illness or perform surgery on yourself. It’s no different with orthodontics: creating a beautiful and healthy smile is a project best left to the professionals.

You’ve probably seen companies offering do-it-yourself braces, and with the ease of getting started with a few internet clicks, it’s tempting to consider. But it’s important to understand the risks involved, as well as the benefits of being treated by a specialist who is educated and trained in orthodontics.

Without being seen by an orthodontist, a patient has no way to know if they have underlying problems that could be exacerbated by braces – tooth decay, abscessed teeth, or gum infections. With unsupervised care, we have already seen damage resulting in tooth extractions, bite problems, and potentially dangerous infections. And without a personal assessment and regular monitoring, a patient has no idea if their DIY braces will actually work, or instead cause additional issues.

Orthodontists are experts in diagnosing individual cases, which differ for each person. They know the mechanics behind how bones, teeth, and gums shift and grow during treatment. They assess progress on a regular basis and adjust treatment as needed to produce better results, and they are there for the lifelong retention phase. In short, orthodontists are the only people who can ensure an effective and safe experience.

Your smile is too important to be a DIY project, and your health is too vital to trust a computer algorithm over a caring, educated, and trained orthodontist. Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation, and let us show you the best way to achieve a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

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