Orthodontic Appliances

Types of Braces

At Adirondack Orthodontics, we offer comprehensive orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages. Despite belief that all adult teeth should be present before treatment can begin, by starting orthodontic work early, issues that can arise later in life can be eliminated and treatment time can be shortened.

Orthodontic appliances are generally broken up into two categories, those which are fixed (glued onto your teeth), and those which are removable. Each type offers their own unique pro’s and con’s when taking into account the individual patient

Fixed Appliances:

1) Standard metal braces are still the most commonly applied orthodontic appliances. Over the years, these have become smaller, smoother, more comfortable, and because of all the color selections we offer, more fun!

2) Clear braces are usually made out of porcelain and blend with your teeth nicely. With this treatment modality the patient has the flexibility of choosing colors (which really pop against the white background of the teeth and brackets), or the clear bands which blend with the braces making them even less visible.

Removable Appliances: (Invisalign)

As an alternative to the more tradition brackets and wires, we offer clear aligner treatment. Invisalign, is the most recognize clear aligner brand in the world. Through the use of a sequence of clear (translucent) aligners, teeth can be moved from their current position to perfection.

It is not the type of appliance selected by the patient that determines the outcome of treatment, but rather the clinical skills of the treatment orthodontist. Typically, the appliance used is based on the preference and life stage of the patient.



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